We know a thing or three... BILLION about growing CPG revenue.

Symphony CPG|AI solutions grow CPG revenue by providing prescriptive, actionable intelligence. Our solutions leverage groundbreaking innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate, scale and sharpen decision-making.

Arms every stakeholder with powerful decision-making intelligence.
It’s not just for analysts.
Prescribes optimal actions.
Uses descriptive and diagnostic insights enhanced with predictive analysis.
Creates dynamic "self-learning" models that evolve at the speed of business.
No more static, outdated models.
Provides full transparency into the what, how & why for every decision.
It's not a mystery black box approach.

Strategic Revenue Management Solution Suite


Harmonizes data from diverse sources into a 360o view for performing advanced analytics.

  • Cleanses data
  • Gives transparency into complex, inconsistent hierarchies across retailers & channels


Scans all activity to reveal and correct performance gaps. Tracks and responds to spend effectiveness and competitive activity.

  • Identifies hidden revenue opportunities
  • Recommends best course of action


Translates top level corporate strategies into optimized plans for all customers and all channels to grow both your brand and the category.

  • Strategically segments your brand portfolio
  • Optimizes across & within account plans with global strategies


Predicts success at portfolio level. Recommends sequence, mix and cadence of new product launch plans to optimize across brands, markets and retail channels.

  • Optimizes launch volume, mix and cadence
  • Minimizes intra-category & intra-brand cannibalization
  • Enables sustainable incremental sales growth


Leverages deep insights of shopper buying behavior to optimize pricing architecture for brands and promoted product groups in every channel, market and customer.

  • Learns consumer behavior & competitive position in every market, every channel
  • Optimizes for both promoted & everyday pricing


Uncovers and stops revenue leakage by analyzing contract terms, execution data and invoices.

  • Uncovers revenue leakage
  • Produces evidence to support invoice disputes

Meet CINDE – the AI inside. She will show you how to grow CPG revenue – faster, smarter.

CINDE is the super smart, AI-enabled brain in CPG|AI solutions to help your team grow revenue. Our solutions leverage the latest machine learning approaches to take your game to the next level.

Going beyond simply drilling into data, CINDE discerns patterns, gleans insights and helps you understand the root causes. The result? Better decisions to grow revenue.

  • Senses opportunities & threats
  • Reveals hidden revenue growth opportunities
  • Recommends best steps

Symphony CPG|AI is part of SymphonyAI, a rapidly growing group of companies transforming enterprises through innovative B2B AI solutions.

Symphony CPG|AI was created from the ground up with an AI-driven solution suite that leverages our deep retail, grocery and CPG expertise. Our solutions feature the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning to give CPG teams better information and actionable intelligence to work smarter and faster to grow revenue.


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