Assortment & Space
Grow category opportunities using shopper insight.

Optimize assortments for store and category space across multiple formats and locations with CPG Solutions’ AI-driven tools. Our collaborative platform accelerates how you move from initial concept to in-store execution.

Gain a competitive edge with our innovative solutions that connect headquarters and stores to ensure relevant assortments and planograms are communicated to every employee who supports the category planning process. Retailer collaboration is streamlined and with new ways to model category concepts, your entire team will make the right moves and execute faster.

Assortment & Space Capabilities

  • Delivers customer-relevant, store-ready assortments that meet the needs of your retailers’ most valuable customers
  • Provides localized assortments based on shopper behavior and predictive analytics
  • Identifies category trends and opportunities, transforms them into recommendations that retailers can efficiently execute
  • Identifies correct space for optimized assortments
  • Automates creation of store-level planograms
  • Provides real-time, shared visibility to all users across any device

The Difference You’ll See

  • Accelerates category growth by 2.8% on average
  • Dramatically improves employee productivity, cuts category review process by 50%
  • Increases retail sales volume up to 30% by re-evaluating category space

Assortment and Space products include:

Intelligent Clustering

Create customer relevant store clusters that are used by Assortment Optimization to develop strategic assortments. Pull from customer segmentation, behavioral and demand data.

Assortment Optimization

Generate space and inventory-aware category assortments based on customer, basket and loyalty analysis, product correlations, sales and profitability.

Category Assessment

Gain visibility into the health of a category with insights into growth opportunities. Category Assessment acts as your overall intelligence engine for all data held in the category planning cloud hosted platform.

Shelf Planning

Execute retail space planning and create planograms that accurately represent category assortments and the shelf space and fixtures to which they relate – including comprehensive reporting, fixture building, item maintenance, highlighting, 3D visualization and days of supply balancing.

Planogram Automation

Automate the production, merchandising, management and analysis of cluster and store specific planograms. Planogram Automation transforms space and inventory-aware assortments generated by Assortment Optimization into retailer ready planograms.

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