Pricing Strategy
Pricing strategies using shopper insights make a difference. Understanding the shopper’s perception of value is central to revenue management strategy.

Leverage deep shopper insights to optimize pricing strategies across channels, markets and moments. Using Symphony Cross Retailer Intelligence and other panel data within proprietary insights detection algorithms, CINDE constructs granular insights by shopper segment:

  • Where they are buying
  • At what moments
  • How often
  • Price sensitivity
  • Brand and retailer loyalty
  • What else is in their basket
  • What influences purchase decisions

CINDE also discerns price premiums for key attributes, elasticity, brand share and share gap to leader to determine price leverage for your brand by moment, market, channel and shopper segment.

Then combining these insights, CINDE creates a strategic segmentation of your brand portfolio to recommend optimal pricing architecture and guard rails for revenue management planning and execution.

Create optimized pricing strategies

  • 360° cross-retailer view of shopper buying behavior
  • Segmentation of shoppers based on buying behavior
  • Assessment of competitive landscape and price leverage by market

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