Revenue Planning
Effortlessly create win-win Retailer Plans guided by global strategies.

You’ll no longer spend hours simulating different “what if” scenarios. CINDE explores all possible tactics to generate optimized plans for all promoted product groups for each retailer and each market.

CINDE understands competitive position, pricing leverage and pricing architecture guardrails to tailor optimization objectives and constraints to each retailer, each market and each promoted product group. CINDE looks across retailers to avoid conflicts and balance global tradeoffs. This also avoids unnecessary iterations between retail customer teams and headquarters.

Revenue Planning Capabilities

  • Translates corporate strategies into
    optimized plans
  • Automatically generates plans optimized
    across all channels and customers for global
  • Easily balances hundreds of complex global
    tradeoffs, constraints conflicts and
    interactions across retailers on pricing,
    frequency and depth
  • Creates plans for each channel, retailer and
    market optimized for both brand and category

The Difference You’ll See

  • Saves time for every stakeholder
  • Improves promotion effectiveness
  • Improves revenues, margins and returns on trade investment

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