CINDE does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.
Your whole team can focus on customers and strategy to make better decisions. CINDE is the super smart, AI-enabled brain in CPG Solutions. She becomes your team’s trusted assistant

  • Sensing opportunities and threats
  • Uncovering hidden growth opportunities
  • Prescribing best actions to take

CINDE will show you how to grow revenue – faster, smarter and profitably.

CINDE keeps you ahead of what’s coming.

The more you work with CINDE, the more she learns your business and preferences to keep you ahead of the competition. It is like guided GPS navigation that measures traffic, recommends faster routes as conditions change and gets smarter as more use it.

Since CINDE does all the big thinking, your team spends less time massaging data, finding problems and planning scenarios. CINDE detects insights, predicts business direction, diagnoses root causes, explores alternatives and prescribes optimal actions. With AI-enabled skills, CINDE easily evaluates complex interactions and trade-offs between alternate scenarios and tactics to give you optimized local plans that meet your global objectives and guardrails.

CINDE is transparent. Her recommendations come with clear explanations of the insights considered and why the proposed actions are best. Then your team has full control to modify and revise the plans before taking actions.

Cross Retailer Intelligence

Tame Big Data to Create Actionable Intel

We harmonize across diverse data such as your own data, retailers’ data and external sources. With this harmonized data as a foundation, we’ve incorporated breakthrough machine learning algorithms to generate metadata such as elasticities and shopper behavior trends. Cross Retailer Intelligence gives your entire team a new level of visibility into formerly hidden growth opportunities. With an intelligent, predictive demand model across buying moments, markets and channels, you’re the first to sense market changes and able to make the first move.

CPG Solutions offers an integrated AI-driven solution suite. With CINDE inside, our solutions leverage AI-generated metadata and models with other algorithms to recommend pricing strategy, trade planning, personalized marketing, assortment optimization, product innovation and trade settlement.

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